Friday, February 15, 2008

Washington Square Chess

Many hollywood actors have taken up the game of chess it has been known that the late actor Heath Ledger played at least one game a day and at times he played chess in the Washington Square Park where beautiful stone tables are accessible to all. Earl Biggs, 63, who was a spectator at Ledger's early-morning games. "He'd usually lose. We played for a couple of dollars and he'd lose a few dollars. He just had fun, he loved it."
No matter where street chess is played, no matter how rich or poor the players are, the common denominator is an obsession with the game.

“It becomes an addictive thing,” said Eric Whitsett, who teaches chess at the tables in Washington Square Park. Whitsett claims to have once played for virtually 72 hours straight. “Your mind goes into analytical school. It starts to love it.”

Chess is a great outlet for exercising the brain if anyone know of any actor that plays chess can you please include a post with the news on how well they play. I did make a post a while back on Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, do a site search.

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Steven Nicholls said...

Street Chess is going to be my next article. Please send in your street chess photos to be published on this site.