Saturday, January 19, 2008

Robert (bobby) James Fischer Dies at 64

Robert James Fischer Born: March 9, 1943 (1943-03-09) (age 64)

U.S.- born Fischer, who renounced his American citizenship and moved to Iceland in 2005, died Thursday at a hospital in Reykjavik from kidney failure, said spokesman Gardar Sverrisson. Gary Kasparov said that Fischer was the greatest chess player of all time. Spassky in France said he will be deeply missed and he was sorry to hear of his death.

Fischer's open mind and his "War on the Board" attitude has changed the way chess has been played over the years. I only hope that those who truly love chess will see him for his gift shared over the board and not due to his personal opinions of the world in general. We have to look at the great chess played by many champions who for one thing or another became challenged in more ways than one!

He lived one year for every square on a chessboard. As if his whole life was measured by the game he played. He ran out of squares on the chessboard of life.

Robert James Fischer was buried Monday 21 in a private ceremony at at Laugardaelir church outside the town of Selfoss. South of the capital city, REYKJAVIK.
The parish priest was Kristinn Agust Fridfinnsson. The funeral was attended by only a handful of people, including Fischer's longtime companion, Miyoko Watai, and friend and spokesman Gardar Sverrisson.

The old chess is finished as a competitive sport for professionals, because of the use of computers, but still fine for the amateur who plays for the pleasure. Bobby Fischer

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