Wednesday, December 12, 2007

World Cup Final 07

This is a great final with two of the strongest GM's of the tournament

Alexie Shirov (Spain)Alexei Dmitrievich Shirov (Aleksejs born July 4, 1972 in Riga, Latvia) is a chess grandmaster. On the July 2007 FIDE rating list he was ranked number eleven in the world with an ELO rating of 2735. Shirov is also a well-regarded chess author. More on Shirov here. Games of Shirov here.
Gata Kamsky (USA) Gata Kamsky (Tatar: Ğataulla Kamski) (born June 2, 1974) is a Soviet-born American chess grandmaster. At one point he was the third highest-rated player in the world, but he played almost no FIDE-rated games between 1997 and late 2004. He is rated 2714 in the October 2007 FIDE list, ranking him seventeenth in the world and first among American players. More on Kamsky here. Games of Gata Kamsky here.

View Live Game 1

View Live Game 2

View Live Game 3

View Live Game 4

Watch Video of the First Game Shirov-Kamsky 1/2-1/2

Watch Video of the Second Game Kamsky-Shirov 1-0

Watch Video of the Third Game Shirov-Kamsky 1/2-1/2

Watch Video of the Fourth Game Kamsky-Shirov 1/2-1/2

With with GM Larry Christiansen

What do people say about Alexie Shirov:

I thought that Kramnik is the best endgame player since Karpov's decline , but after looking at some Shirov's games i kinda changed my mind.

Shirov displays great technique in the opening of the day. You cannot selectively choose the errors of your opponent as the ones you cannot see and your own errors as the ones that are blunders. In most games played by Shirov's opening is sound and solid. He does mighty fine after 14 moves.

What do people say about Gata Kamsky:

His games are something else. Sac, sac, sac, sac, mate. Actually, kamsky isn't so rusty. I admit, he did have a lot to dust off when he first came back to chess but now he's playing at the top level again. Kamsky was brilliant!!!

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