Sunday, December 9, 2007

World Cup Semi-Finals

World Chess Cup 2007 - Carlsen, Kamsky, Shirov, and karjakin, are in the semifinals! Vote who is going to win in the Poll in a chess world message board! Some great chess has been played and we can expect some fighting chess masterpieces to come out of these four brilliant grandmasters.
Game one of round six was a draw for Carlsen-Kamsky, Shirov-karjakin. In the poll so far Karjakin is the favorite. We can only wait and see!

I was surprised that Magnus Carlsen opted for the Petrov defence, Kamsky stayed solid and never went for any early exchange variation that could possible end in a draw. Kamsky played the better game and well deserved the win.

Sergy Karjakin opened with the Ruy Lopez and followed familiar lines that had Shirov on the ropes. The game was an exchange variation and ended in a draw. Gata Kamsky is looking very good indeed!


Brille said...

This is maybe a STEPPING STONE for the younger players, but the experience of Kamsky and Shirov might prove to be too much to soon, your guess is as good as mine. I hope a younger player either of them actually will pull this off!

Kathrine Knolles said...

Great Blog! Very subtle, smart and well updated! I enjoy coming back and learn something new each time.
Thank you.