Saturday, December 1, 2007

The World Cup 2007

126 participants of the World Cup have arrived in Khanty Mansiysk on November 23rd. The competition will be carried out as planned, starting November 24 to December 18. The winner of the World Cup receives the right to challenge the former world champion Veselin Topalov in a match.

Piercing the skyline and rising above the Russian city of Khanty Mansyisk, this mixed-use scheme will create an elegant and crystalline landmark, providing crucial new amenities for its citizens - a place for living, working and leisure, sheltered from the harsh Siberian climate. This place I assure you is really worth looking at. Where is Khanty Mansyisk click here

Below are some games for your enjoyment in analysis's mode: Teimour Radjabov of Azerbiajan, No. 8 is out by playing badly, I know we all have bad days but I wonder why he played such an ordinary game to start with! Results so far.

The pairings for the 4th Round are Karjakin-Nisipeanu, Bareev-Alekseev, Jakovenko-Aronian, Shirov-Akopian, Ponomariov-Sasikiran, Kamsky-Svidler, Adams-Carlsen, and Wang Yue-Cheparinov. Each player is already guaranteed $25,000.

Bartomiej Macieja-Teimour Radjabov 1-0

Alexei Shirov-Yuri Shulam 1-0

Alexander Onischuk-Predrag Nikolic 1-0

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ThankstoPurdy said...

What a nice chess blog! Some great pictures of Alekhine - some of them I'd never seen before.

I heard a recording of Alekhine speaking on the BBC once. Illusion shattering - I was expect the deep, gruff growl of a russian bear instead a very high-pitched voice not dissimilar to the gay character in Are you being served...

Oh well, at least he played chess like a god.

I'll put you in my Stumbleupon.

I like your translation/visitors by country thing too.


chessgrunt said...

Thanks for that, any type of feedback is always welcome. Curious did you visit because of my mention whilst playing chess on FICS?

Alekhine had a very interesting life even up to the end, the night before his death! If you do a search on british you will be amazed at what you will find especially if you just type "chess". I'm sure his voice was lower when younger, I think I heard the same one you did I too thought it was odd.
chessgrunt from FICS