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Game of the Century

The Game of the Century - Chess game between Donald Byrne and Bobby Fischer, which took place at the Rosenwald Memorial Tournament in New York City, New York on October 17, 1956. Bobby Fischer was only 13 years old in this photo as he was contemplating his famous Queen Sacrifice. For those of you that have not seen it please make your way to the Game of the Week. There is some great analysishere

Little did Bobby know what was in store for him as he was a young man, did you know what he had to endure? In case you did not know I am going to lead you to a few places that might surprise you.


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Fourteen-year-old Bobby Fischer of Brooklyn won the 1957 U.S. junior championship by the convincing score of 8.5-.5. The nation's youngest master gave up only one draw, to runner-up Gil Ramirez of San Francisco. Ramirez, who is simultaneously State Champion and State Open Champion, also lost no games to post a 7.5-1.5 score. Stephen Sholomson of Los Angeles, who lost to Fischer and Ramirez and drew one game, was third, 6.5-2.5. Ronnie Thacker of Richmond was fourth, 6-3, ahead of six players tied for fifth, 5.5-3.5.

I WAS TORTURED IN THE PASADENA JAIL HOUSE Tuesday afternoon, May 26, 1981!

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I know just the kind a world Mr Robert James Fischer would want to live in! I feel mighty proud to have lived in his time and be part of the chess world he help create.
Thank you Bobby, from someone deeply appreciative of what you accomplished in your chess career.

Twenty-one year-old Bobby Fischer of Brooklyn, six times U.S. champion, will play several simultaneous exhibitions in California during April. Fischer's first nation-wide tour is in the grand style and few previous appearances by grandmasters have been awaited as eagerly as Fischer's.

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Fischer - Spassky Rematch
Sveti Stefan/Belgrade, Yugoslavia
September - November 1992 $5 Million Prize Money. I say keep sport out of politics! To view these game go here

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