Friday, August 3, 2007

Fide Ethics Committee 28Th July 07

The members of the commission are from left to right: Ms. Elli Sperdokli (Fide secretariat in Athens) and Lawrence Ball (South Africa), Ian Wilkinson (Jamaica), Dirk JA De Ridden (Belgium), Roberto Rivello (Italy), Ralph Alt (Germany), Noureddine Tabbane (Tunisia).

Photo courtesy of Michalis Kaloumenos and also Dimitris Skyrianoglou (Chess for Everyone) in Athens.

Fide Ethics Committee Topalov Vs. Kramnik

Allegations and Accusations but no evidence to back up Topalov's reason that the Fide Ethics Commission came together on Saturday 28Th July in Athens. Discussions were under way on just what to do in regards to this strong accusation of Kramnik cheating during the chess game in Elista 2006.

The chairman repeatedly asked both GM V. Topalov and his manager Mr. Danailov are you accusing Kramnik of cheating, the reply was NO! But continued with.... it was possible! After I personally listened to the meeting there was no evidence to back up Topalov's accusations. So personally speaking what do I make of all of this? It is a most serious matter to accuse anyone especially a Grandmaster of cheating without any hard evidence. OK there was wires found in the toilets of Kramnik but nothing suggest the use of computers during the game! There was an appeal to Topalov to apologise to Kramnik if there was no evidence of cheating. From what I heard it seems to be in the hands of Topalov's lawyers. Will these two great chess players ever face each other over the board again?

I did want to add that after I read the fide rules it says in Article 15:
The Conduct Of The Players
15.1 Prohibitions:

Section (d) It is forbidden to distract or annoy the opponent in any manner whatsoever. Does going to the toilet as many times during a game qualify as a distraction by Kramnik?

To learn more why FIDE has broken unilaterally the contract with Topalov here is an exclusive interview with Silvio Danailov for Chessdom. Then GO HERE

Interview with Vladimir Kramnik
Kramnik speaks out
I will keep you informed as I receive the latest news from Fide in regards to the Ethics Commission's findings.


Thomas Brown said...

Did Kramnik cheat? Danailov issued a statement soon after and made this statement “ after very detailed analysis of all the games of the match we would like to present to your attention coincidence statistics of the moves of GM Kramnik with recommendations of the chess program Fritz 9.”

The report is highly technical and could not be easily understood unless you analyze the games with the chess program, but a brief summary shows that in certain sections of game 1 63% of Kramnik`s moves were in accordance with the first line recommendations of Frizt 9, 87% in game 2 ,86% in game 3 , 75% in game 4 and 78% in game 6 for an average of 78% for all 5 games.

This is what I expect from a top Grandmaster, they do make moves as if they are a computer!
What I find interesting is that Topalov said he felt that his life was in danger of the KGB. I know this is getting old news and thank you Mr Nicholls for this new information, we can only wait and see what happens. I too want to see more evidence and I want to see more control by the arbiters. The chief arbiter at the time was Geurt Gijssen. What I find interesting is that Fide president hurriedly returned to Elista after a summit meeting with President Putin!!What was he doing there? This I find intriguing.

Steps need to be addressed to stop cheating altogether, one thing I liked to hear is that transmissions will be delayed so when a player is "Live" it will be impossible to make contact with the outside world. Metal detectors are working but what I think should happen is a NEW set of clothes and shoes be available in the toilet supervised by an arbiter for the players of high standards to change everything they are wearing. Take off watches anythiny and everything that could hold a micro chip because we are now in time where something could even be implanted into the ear going undetected that could send a message. nothing is impossible, players could even lose on purpose to win money for friends making a bet that they will lose a game or the whole tournament. This is definately a turning point in the Chess World as we see it today!


Thomas Brown

Brian Statton said...

Most of what you say is your opinion and a good one at that. This is most definitely going to change chess the way it is played today.

The biggest issue is the defamation of Kramniks name. GM Topalov and Mr. Silvio Danailov’s conduct violated FIDE Code of Ethics. They ought to have gone straight to Fide with their complaints, because it is Fide that deals with these matters to do with the world chess championships. Going around giving interviews without any hard evidence of Kramnik cheating, without consulting Fide is not very polite. It is a lesson for all chess players.

What you said about micro chips, I guess they could be implanted and go undetected and be very effective. I just hope that players do not do this to win a million dolors!