Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Round 2 Game 6 Pairings (June, 12 2007)

1. Alexei Shirov (SPAIN) - Levon Aronian (ARMENIA)
3. Sergei Rublevsky (RUSSIA) - Alexander Grischuk (RUSSIA)

Round 2 Game 5 Pairings (June, 11 2007)

Alexei Shirov played Levon Aronian, The opening was the Gruenfeld: exchange, classical variation. Fast and furious and was over as if it was a blitz game, Aronian was dominating the board and Shirov was hard against the ropes but would not give any chance for Aronian to create a winning attack, it ended in a draw but was fun to watch and was over very quickly.

Gata Kamsky played Boris Gelfand, and the opening was the Sicilian: Canal-Sokolsky attack, Sokolsky variation. What can I say each game I watch I am more excited with Boris Gelfand, he was stunning and again creating some wonderful combinations to create the only win in round 5. All the rest were early draws.

Alexander Grischuk played Sergei Rublevski a worthy opponant. The opening was Sicilian: Taimonov variation. Both players had equal oppertunities to cover the same amount of squares and it ended up an early draw and I'm sure they both were pleased of the outcome.

Peter Leko played Evgeny Bareev, Bareev is on the board! The opening was Caro-Kann: classical, Spassky variation. At move 20 they decided on a draw, it was even all over the board at that moment in time. Good for both players, exciting to watch. The best game of all was of course Gelfand and Kamsky.

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