Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Magnificent Four: Gelfand, Leko, Aronian ?

June, 13 2007 Round 2 Tie Break begins at 1 PM (GMT +3)

I Think Grischuck

Sergei Rublevsky (RUSSIA) - Alexander Grischuk (RUSSIA).

Who will it be out of these two Grand Masters that will be involved in a tie break tomorrow at 1PM? Both players have been playing very well, we can only wait and see!

I did not understand why Shirov gave up his d3 pawn on move 20, it just did not seem right to me. Well done Aronian! The opening played was the Ruy Lopez: closed. I thought the game could of had some great potential but I must say I was dissapointed.

Grishchuk played Rublevski and the opening played was the Scotch, it looked like Black had the upper hand but decided to call it a day and accept a draw. The day was over very quick, the tie breaker tomorrow will be at 1PM Elista time.

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