Sunday, July 6, 2008

Life Chess Kiev Russia

Puppet Theatre

Match Agenda

Rapid chess match between grand masters S. Karyakin and N. Short takes place from 3rd to 7th of July, 2008 in Kiev in the Puppet Theatre.
The match consists of 10 games according to "Chess Rules FIDE".
Time control – 25 minutes for every player till the end of the game plus 10 sec for every made move, counting from the first move.
The winner of the chess match will be the one, who takes 5½ or has more scores. In case of 5 : 5 the match will be draw game.
Game six was an exciting game and ended in a draw, but it seems the youngster Karjakin is proving he is a better player.
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Ninad said...

hey is chess yet most popular game in russia ?

VisionQuest said...


Russia - Association Football and Ice Hockey followed by Tennis and basketball is most popular in Russia. Chess is considered a national pastime.


VisionQuest said...

I forgot to mention In India where you are from Cricket is the most popular game/sport/educational learning tool.