Thursday, July 24, 2008

International Chess Festival Biel 2008

I listened in on GM Magnus Carlsen being interviewed about the Sophia rule. Magnus said that he thought it was ok but at Beil it was not mandatory because it was a place very well known for fighting chess! Magnus also went on to say that it will take him about three years to make it to the top place in the world as chess champion! Hum is this because of the confusing bureaucratic rules and laws that are made by Fide? What is your opinion? If there is a fork in the road then I say take it!

Standings After Round Three:

1. Carlsen,Magnus GM 2775 NOR 2.5
2. Alekseev,Evgeny GM 2708 RUS 2.0
3. Onischuk,Alexander GM 2670 USA 2.0
4. Dominguez,Leinier GM 2708 CUB 1.5
5. Bacrot,Etienne GM 2691 FRA 0.5
6. Pelletier,Yannick GM 2569 SUI 0.5

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