Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Invinciple Ivanchuk Wins M-tel

Congratulations to Vasilly Invanchuk for winning the M-tel Grand Prix in Sophia, Bulgaria. My gift to you is a poster dedicated to this special event. GM Ivanchuk has created history and probably will not be stopped in this tournament! We have a very special guest Boris Spassky giving commentary in English! GM T. Radjabov Vs GM Ivanchuk have just finished their game by creating a draw!

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A Cage of Glass

I know it is only 1/2 a point between GM Veselin Topalov from Bulgaria and Vaselly Ivanchuk, I too am on the edge of my seat looking at the LIVE games at about 9:30 PM here in Australia. fascinating chess, I just love it. Topalov played a game worthy of note against his number two also from Bulgaria. Cheparinov has just come from Baku and ought to be in top form. Alas he was outplayed by the number one in an extraordinary game that must have been well thought over the night before!

I will change the poster and place the winner in the appropriate place if GM Veselin Topalov should win this event! It was a straight forward game by Ivanchuck playing Wu from China who i must say has picked up his game and created a draw leaving Ivanchuk with only 1/2 a point lead! I am looking forward to tonight as I am sure you all are too.
One day to go, and it was two draws and one win The game of the Day. Bu Xiangzhi from China Vs Veselin Topalov from Bulgaria. Bu played QGA and what a game, brilliant in fact, he outplayed Topalv in mighty fashion.

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David Stiller said...

Wonderful game as you say by Bu, he is surely picking up his playing skills as a very good GM.

I like the poster is it ok that I download it?
David Stiller from London

VisionQuest said...

I agree with you that Bu played well, he playd QGA or moving into Slav defense with finesse.
yes you can download the poster for free, it is a gift. Enjoy