Monday, May 5, 2008

GM Yue Wang, GM Vugar Gashimov or GM Magnus Carlsen to share the Prize Money?

All very young GM's enter the last round of the Baku Fide Grand Prix 2008.
Yue Wang from China and Vugar Gashimov a local from Baku lead with 7 1/2 points, there are several on 7 points including the tournament favorite Magnus Carlsen from Norway. I like all three of them to win and I know they are all determined to win!

Who will win this Grand Prix Tournament? Vote Now!

The WINNER Will Receive "Chess Master 8000" Brand New! Postage paid anywhere in the Chess World! No Ties! No Strings! Just write what you thought about the Fide Grand Prix 2008. Just one paragraph. The winner will be picked by our social chess group that runs every Sunday! Your email and address will be kept confidential! So if you are interested start posting! The winner will be notified and paragraph published in the next posting in regards to this event.

Michael Adams (UK) Vs Vugar Gashimov (AZR) Petroff Defense This game has a very thorough "Live Commentary" in (English) or in(Russian) by GM Sergey Shipov

The next Grand Prix tournament is in Sochi, Russia from 30 July till 15 August 2008. See you then!

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