Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yue Wang Vs Sergy Karjakin

The only win was Yue Wang from China Vs Sergy Karjakin from the Ukraine ECO Ruy Lopez Berlin defense the percentage of White winning is far greater 37.5% black 27.3% draws 33.2%.
Here is a notable game View Frank James Marshall vs Emanuel Lasker 0-1 Download.
I don't want to take away the glory from Yue Wang he played very well indeed, right down to a tight endgame.

Game of the Day Ruy Lopez Berlin Defense


Tony Miller said...

Thanks for putting up the games of the day, I have much appreciated them over the last few days.

VisionQuest said...

Thank you Tony it is an honor to have you make a post I appreciate your games and style of play very much.