Monday, April 28, 2008

A Win for Svidler, Kamsky & Cheparinov

Photo is of a church in Sophia. Here we are back in Baku after a day of rest.
A great win for Peter Svidler from Russia Vs Sergey Karjakin from Ukraine it was all Svidler! Opening was QGD Semi Slave Meran system and the end game was pretty and well executed. All the other games were well worth watching Yue Wang from China was playing David Navara from Czechoslovakia and held a draw but what an exciting game it was. I am still watching a fabulous game played by Gata Kamsky USA Vs Micheal Adams from the UK. Kamsky is ahead on material and I feel sure he will win the game! Adams is holding on and and just might get a draw if he plays all the right moves! (of which he is at the moment). Nope Gata Kamsky won with a magnificent end game, Adams did well to hold on but was no match for Kamsky's end game expertise!

Ivan Cheparinov from Bulgaria is playing Ernesto Inarkiev from Russia,Cheparinov is more than likely to win his game he is also ahead on material and time and playing very well. All three games should make game of the day! Just brilliant play! Cheparinov has 23 minutes on the clock and Inarkiev has 7 minutes left.

This is at move 54.ke4 f3 55.Ne5 Rh4+ 56.Kf5 Rh5+ 57.Kg4 58.Bxd3 Bxd3 59.Rxe5 f2 0-1

Game of the Day QGD Semi Slav Meran
As I said all three wins could be called game of the day!
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