Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Morelia-Linares Mexico-Spain 2008

It is still to early to tell who is winning convincingly.Aronian is making full use of his opponents mistakes and it is wonderful to go through his games and see lost potential especially his game in round four by Vassily Ivanchuk from the Ukraine. We all know that chess is won by the person who makes the least amount of mistakes!

Here are some games with analysis from the third round:

Veselin Topalov-Vassily Ivanchuk 1-0

Replay the game with analysis

Magnus Carlsen-Viswanathan Anand 0-1

Topalov-Carlsen 0-1 Round 5
GM Joel Benjamin Replays the game with analysis.

Great win for Magnus Carlsen with the Alekhines defense/Classical variation. Carlson played this opening before with Black in a blitz game but not in standard game. I must say a very wonderful surprise and a brilliant win for Magnus! V. Topalov is now falling behind after being in front in the first three rounds. Vishy Anand is 1/2 a point ahead of Aronian and very soon Anand could quite easily maintain his lead. Anand is one point clear of the rest as of Round 6 with Aronian right on his heels, it is still all very close and a joy to watch.

Replay the game with analysis from Round 6
Radjabov-Carlsen 1-0
commentery with analyisis by GM Joel Benjamin.

Your comments are worth their weight in Gold! Who do you see as the all round winner?

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Anonymous said...

I am not afraid to speak even though my english is not good! of course Vishy Anand is going to be the winner!