Monday, December 31, 2007

Gibtelecom Chess Festival 2008

The 6th edition of Gibraltar's Gibtelecom Chess Festival will be held from 22-31 January 2008 at the Caleta Hotel, one of Gibraltar's best hotels.

In previous years they have had players of the quality of Alexei Shirov, Michael Adams and Nigel Short playing in the Masters section. In 2008 the line-up includes 2007 world championship contender Alexander Grischuk, rated 2715 and top Chinese players Wang Yue, rated 2702 and Bu Xiangzhi, rated 2692. In fact, practically the full Chinese squad (which beat Russia and the UK in 2007) is playing in Gibraltar!

Gibtelecom Masters (Open to all) - 22-31 January 2008 (10 rounds Swiss, FIDE rated)

Challengers A (Under 2250) - 22-26 January 2008 (5 rounds Swiss, FIDE rated)

Challengers B (Under 2250) - 27-31 January 2008 (5 rounds Swiss, FIDE rated)

Amateur A (Under 1850) - 22-26 January 2008 (5 rounds Swiss)

Amateur B (Under 1850) - 27-31 January 2008 (5 rounds Swiss)

Evening events (as announced during the event)

Junior Congress - 2-3 February 2008.

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