Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sunday in MOSCOW Kasparov Arrested!

Sunday in MOSCOW Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov will go to jail for five days after he helped lead a protest against Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Kasparov's assistant says he was beaten during the demonstration that ended with protesters clashing with police.

Kasparov, with other protesters are demanding fair elections. Kasparov jailed over rally! This is a disgrace as far as I am concerned when the rally was legal!

Kasparov was forced to the ground and beaten, his assistant Marina Litvinovich said in a telephone interview from outside the police station where he was being held- CNN. The rally was legal but it was looked upon as a march according to Russian law was illegal!

News Update:

Garry Kasparov said he was doing fine and that he has been receiving acceptable treatment at the Petrovka 38 jail where he is being held until Thursday. Visits to the jailed opposition leader are still prohibited but he managed to exchange a few words with his mother Klara Kasparova at his Monday appeal hearing. He also received a few books and a chess set. (Perhaps this was allowed because the authorities would like to encourage him to leave politics and return to chess.)

On Saturday, November 24, a completely legal, officially sanctioned rally was held on Andrei Sakharov Square in Moscow, attended by about 2000 people, including Garry Kimovich Kasparov. The permit that the organizers had obtained allowed the event to take place from 13:00 to 14:00. During the rally, participants were essentially surrounded by a cordon of police, but were not otherwise provoked.

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What were the circumstances of Garry Kasparov’s arrest Sunday?

Karinna Moskalenko: This is the second time that Garry has been arrested. In April, he was arrested at rally which was unlawfully denied a permit. Sunday, the demonstration had all the permits, but the state's actions were completely unlawful. Even before the day’s events began, the OMON riot police were ready and waiting. Following the conclusion of the demonstration meeting, some of Garry’s supporters began a march to the Central Election Committee to present a petition to the authorities, but were quickly stopped by the police. Violence broke out and many were arrested. When Garry went over to see what happened, he was placed under arrest.

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look here to see part of the rally where Gary Kasparov was arrested.

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