Friday, September 21, 2007

Anand Wins World Title!

The Top Three Anand, Gelfand, and Kramnik
( Updated 9:22AM Sunday 30Th September 2007

My pick for the Top Three CAME TRUE------->WAS I LUCKY OR DID I KNOW MY CHESS?

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Video of Day Ten, Aronian-Grischuk with GM Larry Christiansen

Video of Day Eleven Anand-Morozevitch with GM Larry Chistiansen

Video of Day Twelve Kramnik-Leko with GM John Fedorowicz

Video of Day Thirteen Grischuk-Anand with GM Gregory Kaidanov

Video of day Fourteen Svidler-Grischuk with GM Gregory kaidanov

Round Eight, first Win for Peter Leko of Hungary he got his well deserved win against Alexander Grischuk of Russia in the start of Round Eight! Levon Aronian was up against Morozevitch that looked like a sure win, but Morozevitch stayed calm and held onto a draw. All the other games were draws and well worth watching? I'm surprised to see the Catalan, Ruy Lopez, Queen's Indian and the Petrov being used as much as they are in this tournament. Tomorrow is a rest day!

Round Nine, was by far the best for Alexander Morozevitch from Russia who beat the worlds number one Vladimir Kramnik also from Russia in a thrilling game using the Symmetrical English, leading into Benoni, a second in the WCC. From beginning to end it was Morozevitch, lets hope we see more of this style of play by Morozevitch. Also a brilliant game by Alexander Grischuk from Russia playing the Nimzo Indian against Boris Gelfand from Israel this game was a wonderful game if not the game of the day, a great win by the underdog coming in to the tournament at 2726. The other games were draws.
Round Ten, Anand responds with the Grunfeld, thrilling end game ending in a draw. What a brilliant win for Aronian, Grischuk also playing an attempted Grunfeld great opening, great middle game but Aronian dominates in the end game for the wonderful win.

Round Eleven, has to go to Vishy Anand, what a game, he has total control of the board!I cannot see him losing the game! Sicilian/Najdorf closed I think. Must be the Game of the Day, well done Anand! This places Anand still in first, hard to catch as he shows us who is World Number One! Second place is Boris Gelfand from Israel. If Anand wins again he will be unstoppable.

Will Vishy Anand beat Peter Svidler of Russia tomorrow? Svidler is one of only three players (the others being Ivanchuk and Joel Lautier) to have beaten every world champion dating back to 1975 (Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik, Alexander Khalifman, Viswanathan Anand, Ruslan Ponomariov, Rustam Kasimdzhanov, and Veselin Topalov). I think it might be a draw!

Round Twelve, Peter Svidler from Russia played Vishy Anand using the Ruy Lopez and received a draw, it was the first game to finish! This round had three wins, outstanding! Boris Gelfand is only a point away from catching Anand. Kramnik played the Open Catalan against Peter Leko with great skill, with a wonderful finish to give Kramnik the win. Gelfand was too strong for Aronian who played the semi-slav, this win for Boris Gelfand leaves him in second place behind Anand. Everyone was out for a win today, who put a fire under their seats? Morozevitch played the English four Knights variation against Grischuk, again another even game but Morosivitch managed to obtain the win by using his outstanding skill on the board. So today three wins and only one draw goes to Svidler and Anand! It is very close and only time will tell as to who goes through to become a little richer with the title World Champion.

Round Thirteen:
Gelfand-Kramnik's game was the semi-slave defence/meran system, fast play by Kramnik and the game was an easy draw at move 26. Grischuk-Anand also played semi-slav defence. Down to the end game Grischuk is a pawn up with a good advantage but Anand has plenty of time.

Round Fourteen, Vishy Anand Wins World TitleVishy Anand will get to play Kramnik later in the year to hold onto the World title!

Then most probably the next in line would be V. Topalov, lets look forward to some good chess in the next year, bye for now. Steven Nicholls

Pts RP Name (Rating)Click on names for Wikipedia info.

6 2878 Anand (2792)
5 2800 Gelfand (2733)
4,5 2752 Grischuk (2726)
4,5 2749 Kramnik (2769)
4,5 2747 Leko (2751)
4 2708 Morozevich (2758)
4 2713 Aronian (2750)
3,5 2667 Svidler (2735)

Final Standings as of Today: 30Th September 2007
Name (Rating) Points RP
1. Anand (2792) 9 2860
2-3. Gelfand (2733) 8 2812
Kramnik (2769) 8 2806
4. Leko (2751) 7 2752
5. Svidler (2735) 6,5 2726
6-7. Morozevich (2758) 6 2694
Aronian (2750) 6 2695
8. Grischuk (2726) 5,5 2670

Please Click on PLAYERS NAMES for game review "with analysis" in all rounds, enjoy.

Round Eight:
Svidler - Kramnik 1/2 : 1/2
Aronian - Morozevich 1/2 : 1/2
Gelfand - Anand 1/2 : 1/2
Leko - Grischuk 1 : 0

Round Nine:
Morozevich-Kramnik 1 : 0
Anand-Aronian 1/2 : 1/2
Grischuk-Gelfand 1 : 0
Leko-Svidler 1/2 : 1/2

Round Ten:
Kramnik-Anand 1/2 : 1/2
Svidler-Morozevich 1/2 : 1/2
Aronian-Grischuk 1 : 0
Gelfand-Leko 1/2 : 1/2

Round Eleven:
Grischuk-Kramnik 1/2 : 1/2
Anand-Morozevich 1 : 0
Leko-Aronian 1/2 : 1/2
Gelfand-Svidler 1/2 : 1/2

Tomorrow is a rest day!

Round Twelve:
Kramnik-Leko 1 : 0
Morozevich-Grischuk 1 : 0
Svidler-Anand 1/2 : 1/2
Aronian-Gelfand 0 : 1

Round Thirteen:
Gelfand-Kramnik 1/2:1/2
Leko-Morozevich 1 : 0
Grischuk-Anand 1/2:1/2
Aronian-Svidler 1/2:1/2

Round Fourteen:
Kramnik-Aronian 1:0
Morozevich-Gelfand 1/2:1/2
Anand-Leko 1/2:1/2
Svidler-Grischuk 1:0

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hari said...

I wonder after the halfway mark, how different this tourney has been compared to the one in SANLUIS 2005 where it was "Topalov show".He had won all the games in Round 1 except the one against Anand(where he missed a win by overlooking a perpetual tactic from Anand),but this one seems to be a tough contest going on.I think all the players have done their best so far to entertain us.I personally liked 2 games - 1.Anand vs Grischuk and 2.Kramnik vs Morezevich in which the best revealed their class,just showing why they are different from the rest.Still others like Gelfand and Grischuk have stood upto expectations,although many would have expected Aronian,Svilder and Morozevich to put up a better show.Leko still proved he's the 'draw master',except for the game he lost .And remember Linares 2007,we can expect a turn around from Morozevich in the second phase of the competition.I think none of us can't wait too long for the remaining twists in the tourney,where every player will fire up to prove his domination in the game.All the best ,guys!

VisionQuest said...

Leko proved today he can be more than a draw master! What a wonderful attack, such artistry from beginning to end! Grischuk has shown us great chess over this event.
When I watch soccer it can be 0-0 and I still throughly enjoy the game, as with chess it was good to see Aronian draw with Morosevitch even though I could tell he really wanted to win. There is plenty of FIRE and my personal predictions as to the top four have been true to date.

V. Anand said...

This must be one of the Top Three web sites I have seen!

chessfan said...

WoW to be in the same post of Vishy Anand's post! I have just found this site and I have to agree it is BRILLIANT! Limited comments but who cares the site is outstanding, thank you.
William Stills, Washington, USA

Anonymous said...

I have to agree what a site, so much information! A hidden site that needs to be exposed to the world!!
Jan, UK

John Stevens said...

Hi there, How come I have missed this site? It is as Anand says in the TOP THREE! strange no one from Australia makes a comment!
John from USA