Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mexico 2007 World Chess Championship

Mexico 2007 World Chess Championship starts today.

The participants in Mexico WCC 2007 are:

Viswanathan Anand India(2792), Vladimir Kramnik Russia(2769), Alexander Morozevich Russia(2758), Peter Leko Serbia(2751), Levon Aronian Armenia(2750), Peter Svidler Russia(2735), Boris Gelfand Israel(2733), Alexander Grischuk Russia(2726).

Round 1 pairings
Kramnik - Svidler
Morizevich - Aronian
Anand - Gelfand
Grischuk - Leko

Round 2:
1-2 Kramnik-Morozevich
7-3 Aronian-Anand
6-4 Gelfand-Grischuk
8-5 Svidler-Leko

Round 3:
3-1 Anand-Kramnik
2-8 Morozevich-Svidler
4-7 Grischuk-Aronian
5-6 Leko-Gelfand

Round 4:
1-4 Kramnik-Grischuk
2-3 Morozevich-Anand
7-5 Aronian-Leko
8-6 Svidler-Gelfand

Round 5:
5-1 Leko-Kramnik
4-2 Grischuk-Morozevich
3-8 Anand-Svidler
6-7 Gelfand-Aronian

Round 6:
1-6 Kramnik-Gelfand
2-5 Morozevich-Leko
3-4 Anand-Grischuk
8-7 Svidler-Aronian

Round 7:
7-1 Aronian-Kramnik
6-2 Gelfand-Morozevich
5-3 Leko-Anand
4-8 Grischuk-Svidler

Round 8-14 the same but colours reversed.

Looking at A Chess World Poll, Levon Aronian looks as if he is the favorite to take on Kramnik as contender for the World's top most position. The biorhythms of Kramnik is at an all time low, so I have predicted may fall by using this method. Look up in the search engine on this site for more info on all players.

Anand comes in at second then with Kramnik, then Gelfand. It could of course be totally unpredictable. Many draws are inevitable! I will do my best to bring to you LIVE broadcast from a reliable source.


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