Thursday, July 26, 2007

World's Youngest Grandmaster's

World's youngest Grandmasters Parimarjan Negi and the youngest ever Woman Kateryna ("Katja") Lahno.

Parimarjan Negi (b. 9 February 1993) is a 14-year-old chess prodigy from India. In July 2005, he became the youngest International Master ever when he earned his third and final IM norm at the Sort International open chess tournament in Sort, Spain. On 1 July 2006, at the age of 13 years, 4 months, and 22 days, he became the second youngest International Grandmaster ever, second only to Sergey Karjakin, when he earned his third and final GM norm at the Chelyabinsk Region Superfinal Championship at Satka in Russia.

On 6 January 2006 he received his second GM norm at the Hastings Chess Congress where he scored 6/10, a performance of 2568. Negi finished 16th when he was 12 years 10 months and 29 days old.
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Kateryna Lahno (b. December 27, 1989) is a Ukrainian chess player. She earned the FIDE title of Woman Grandmaster (WGM) at the age of 12 years and 4 months, breaking Judit Polgar's record to become the youngest ever to earn this title. She is now a full Grandmaster (GM) [1]. Born in Lviv, Lahno grew up in the industrial and chess-friendly town Kramatorsk. In 2005 she lives in Donetsk.

As of October 2006, she had two of three norms necessary to earn the Grandmaster title. Lahno was the fifth seed for the 64-player knockout 2004 Women's World Chess Championship. At the age of 15 she won the 2005 European Individual Women's Championship, held in June in Chişinău, Moldova. Tied with Russian IM Nadezhda Kosintseva at the end of the 12th round with 9 points each, Lahno won both games of a two-game rapid-play tie-break playoff to win the championship. On the January 2006 list, Lahno's FIDE Rating was 2500, making her number seven among female chess players.

Although Lahno, unlike Polgar, competes for women's titles, both have stated that their true goal is to be simply World Champion.

She won IV Women's 'North Urals Cup - 2006', attaining for a full grandmaster norm in the process.
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Ukraine's Woman Grandmaster Kateryna Lahno defeated Parimarjan Negi 3-0 after the first half of the six 25-minute rapid games in the Amity Grandmasters Challenge match at the Russian Centre here on Saturday.

After winning the six-game classical battle 3.5-2.5 on Friday, Kateryna expectedly proved her superiority in the shorter version with resounding victories, beginning with the white pieces. Unlike the local boy, Kateryna is known to play and win lots of rapid games on various chess sites.

The next three rapid games are scheduled for Sunday. Overall, Kateryna leads 6.5-2.5 after nine encounters of the 18-game contest.

The results (rapid time control):

Game 1: Kateryna Lahno beat Parimarjan Negi in 65 moves; Game 2: Parimarjan lost to Kateryna in 49 moves; Game 3: Kateryna beat Parimarjan in 46 moves.

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