Friday, July 20, 2007

ToiletGate Public Hearing

What has known to become "ToiletGate" is well under way starting on Saturday 28Th July 2007 at 16.60, in the Royal Olympic Hotel, "Abbey Hall" conference room, 28-34 Ath. Diakou Street, Athens, Greece.

This is when Kramnik will be on the defence, when Topalov will submit to the Fide Ethics Commission any evidence for wrong doing. Evidence suggests that Topalov was psychologically at the affect of Kramniks walkabout during the games at Elista in 2006. Will Kramnik's lawyers will be filing suit for damages to his reputation and honour as a top Grandmaster. I will keep you posted.


Brian Statton said...

Topalov should win this because Kramnik was causing disruptions all the way through the game! kramnik defence/topalov attack/toiletgate advance variation

Brian Statton

GM said...

If I was Topalov with Kramnik up and down causing such a lot of distraction I would be upset too!
I think Topalov will win if this has now gone to the courts.

VisionQuest said...

I could not aggre more!