Thursday, June 7, 2007

Round 2. Game 2. Pairings Are on this day June, 7th 2007

Here is Bareev at an all time low in his biorhythm chart.

Here is a link to the LIVE GAMES
1 Shirov Alexei (SPAIN) - Aronian Levon (ARMENIA)

2 Bareev Evgeny (RUSSIA) - Leko Peter (HUNGARY)

3 Rublevsky Sergei (RUSSIA) - Grischuk Alexander (RUSSIA)

4 Gelfand Boris (ISRAEL) - Kamsky Gata (USA)

Fabulous games Shirov sacked a rook early in the middle game hoping for a tactical advantage but to no avail. Aronian held firm and had played a wonderful end game, a joy to watch.

Kamsky and Gelfand played a short game to me it was complicated and also boring, a draw at move 23. Maybe draws will be something of the past and in the end game mistakes are made and also time is an issue. What do you personally think? Is there anyone out there that feels that this game should have continued?

Grischuck and Rublevsky I was on the edge of my chair and thought wow what a wonderful game, Grischuck is primed and I hope later today we will see more brilliant combinations from him!

Leko and Bareev again from my graphs of which I will include here on this page it will show Bareev at an all time low, mind you it was still a very good game to watch but the brilliance of Leko was outstanding to see. I am looking forward to the rematch! ok well on the top right hand side of the blog I have placed the time in Elista, so if you are looking at this blog you will know when the games start.

Look at this graph of Bareev above, he has hit an all time low, I would imagine he would not be feeling quite himself, he is on the rise and by the end of the shakey start will slightly improve.

If you have any comments feel free to post them, I really want this to be interactive!


joco said...

hello there,

what did you think of shirov's 25.a4 ? rather than 25.Bf4

VisionQuest said...

Yes I thought Shirov was just playing a waiting move with 25.a4 but I too wondered why he did not want to keep his Bishop! So Bf4 was playable. Now he is in trouble I think the Bishop pair + a pice up aronian looks strong and he is a good blitz player if it comes down to the wire.

VisionQuest said...

What do you reckon, 40 QxR+ forcing the inevitable exchange!!?

VisionQuest said...