Saturday, June 9, 2007

Round 2 Game 4 Pairings (June, 10 2007)

Shirov is going to hit an all time low, this I think might give an advantage to Aronian in the next game.
Shirov played Aronian in the third game, it was the Queens Gambit accepted. Fast and furious white dominated the board up until around move 11 then it was Aronian who was dominating the center from move 11. Then it was an even game with Shirov bouncing back with a slight edge at move 23. It was what I thought Thunder and Lightening both players unleashing powerful moves to try and dominate their opponant. I thought that Aronian was in a better position to win the game but Shirov was on the defence for most of the end game. Shirov was then dominating the board attacking more squares. Shirov did well to obtain a draw even though I felt he really needed a win here to stay in the top four.

Gata Kamsky from the USA. played Boris Gelfand from Israel. It was a Queens Pawn opening and white was dominating the center for quite a while, it was a brilliant, steady combination that lead to Gelfand winning the game quite easily. from move 18 Gelfand was far superior and deserved to win.

Alexander Grischuk from Russia, played Sergie Rublevski also from Russia. Grischuk was dominating the board but Rublevsky came back around move 21. From move 21 to 36 it was very even until around move 39 when Rublevski started to make some stronger moves. Rublevsky remained in control till the end and felt satisfied with a draw, it was a tough game for both players and a joy to watch.

Peter Leko from Hungary, played Evgeny Bareev from Russia. What a game by Peter leko, Leko dominated the whole game and came up with some brilliant combinations to gain a deserved win! This third round was the best played games in the third round and it will be a pleasure to see who goes through to the World Championships in Mexico later in the year to face the big guns of the chess world.

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Round 2 Game 4 Pairings (June, 10 2007)

1 Shirov Alexei (SPain) - Aronian Levon (ARMENIA)
2 Bareev Evgeny (RUSSIA) - Leko Peter (HUNGARY)
3 Rublevsky Sergei (RUSSIA) - Grischuk Alexander (RUSSIA)
4 Gelfand Boris (ISRAEL) - Kamsky Gata (USA)

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