Wednesday, June 20, 2007

GM Gelfand

These posts of the Candidates show their biorhythms for the start of the World Chess Championships in Mexico 13th September 2007.Also the other posts of GM Anand, GM Morosovitch, GM Kramnik and GM Svidler, show their biorhythms for the start of the tournament. You can see by their charts and compare who is looking good and who is really down and has an unfavorable outlook, example GM Kramnik is not looking good!

Question to you all, Is it all in the mind?
Comments greatfully received and to to be debated.
Why do Airlines take note of their pilots when they are showing what is known as a "Triple Critical"day and give them time off from flying?


Anonymous said...

I think what you have done here is GREAT, thank you.

Anonymous said...

It is going to be the Champiuonship of a Lifetime, thank you for this wondewrful web!