Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all! Sport has its Beauty Queens thats for sure, but is it all to do with beauty? I think not.
IM Elizabeth Paehtz on the left is for sure beautiful, and so is her chess she was runner up to Susan Polgar in Dresden, Germany country of her birth in 2006.
GM Alexandra Kosteniuk on the right is also beautiful, in fact there are many chess queens out there in the Chess World. I'm sure it helps to be good looking, but it is not essential especially if you play well at chess! There are more and more girls/women entering the Chess World and this is due to many people like GM Susan Polgar 1st in the world who strives to to help promote chess through her Chess Foundation all I can say is well done Susan Polgar you are an inspiration to many.
GM Alexandra Kosteniuk is 6th in the world, and #1 in Russia her chess is stunning! Alexandra's also contributing to promote chess for girls and soon I think there will be more girls/women beating the guys in the near future, you can see her in action here on my chess site Alexandra playing Blitz Top 50 women in the world of chess. Top 50 girls in the world of chess

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