Saturday, May 5, 2007

Chess Notation

In the day of Shakespeare Qf3 would be: " Then the black king for his second draught brings forth his queene, and placest her in the third house, in front of his bishop's pawne."

Can you imagine writing this down for a 50 move game! Quite exhausting even thinking about it. We have over the years changed quite a bit for the better dont you think!

1614: The white king commands his owne knight into the third house before his owne bishop. 1750: K. knight to His Bishop's 3d. 1837: K.Kt. to B.third sq. 1848: K.Kt. to B's 3rd. 1859: K. Kt. to B. 3d. 1874: K Kt to B3 1889: KKt -B3 1904: Kt-KB3 1946: N-KB3 2007: Nf3

I do not think it will get any better than that do you? For more information on chess notation


david mcmahon said...

Congratulations to thee,

Well done, Steve. This blog has really come alive.

Great work


VisionQuest said...

Thou art gracious with thine comment David, it is wonderous and fills my soul with such gratitude. I must be away and contine my owne work, peace be with you.